Bali weather | Best Time to visit Bali - Bali News

Bali weather Best Time to visit Bali - Bali News

Bali weather | Best Time to visit Bali - Bali News

Finest time to go to Bali depends mostly on the weather and on low and high season. High season is during the months of July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas / New Year (December until 1st week of January). This is actually the time Bali is your busiest. The remainder of the year is known as mid or low season.

For a lot of reasons, ideal time to visit Bali is April, May, June and September, just before and after large season. It is still dry time, it is less humid, and space costs and villa rentals could be 30-50% more affordable than during high season. Many stores provide promotions and sales, restaurants are more crowded in these mid-season months, and also generally Bali is somewhat more relaxed. October isn't too bad , nevertheless not as much rain than November (generally, assess the rain chart).

These weeks are also the ideal time to get water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc.. Waters are apparent, audience not too bad . Also important activities and attractions like the household parks and enjoyable things to do (Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, Marine & Safari Park, Waterbom, White Water Rafting, Monkey Forest, etc) have significantly less traffic that could make the experience a lot more enjoyable. Should you would like to explore the island and see the most important holiday areas, temples and proceed for a day trip and excursion, then these months will also be ideal.

And not to overlook, generally the traffic and hustle bustle on the streets is much more bearable. Notably in Kuta, Legian and occasionally even Seminyak the narrow roads are packed during specific times in the day with automobiles and bikes. Some vacationers love it this way and couldn't envision a vacation differently, however if you prefer it quiet, then Kuta and Legian throughout high season may not be the ideal option.

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