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September 11 could be connected with catastrophe in US aviation , but it is an auspicious day on Bali's Hindu calendar.

That is why, come 9/11, police with this Indonesian island expect to see the return of a few of the countless international visitors who generally flock to its shores, temples, rice fields and yoga studios. This might allow long-shuttered resorts to innovate while supplying urgently needed income for tourism employees -- many of whom have made nothing because February.

Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, Bali's vice-governor and former seat of the island's hotel and restaurant association, tells CNN Travel the date remains tentative, but it's essential to the island's market.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has become the most devastating tragedy for Bali tourism," he states. "it's a lot worse compared to the Bali bombings, the initial and the next, and worse compared to of the Mount Agung eruptions combined."

Resort arrivals at July were over 99% year on year, Sukawati mentioned, although the island is falling out on approximately 9.7 billion rupiah (more than $650 million) of earnings each month. Tens of thousands of local employees are formally furloughed, normally without cover. Thousands have dropped formal tasks, and lots of employees in Bali's large everyday tourist market are desperate.

While a few Balinese can come back to their household orchards, rice fields or fishing ships and consider rebalancing the market towards the standard method of life that lasted the island for decades, additional islanders have, quite literally, nowhere to move.

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