Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

For years, Greeks have appreciated the Freddo as a means to cool while enjoying coffee, and it is a drink that is both deeply ingrained in Greek civilization and hugely popular among locals.

You may be wondering exactly what a Freddo is, and also exactly what makes it beloved by Greeks. Or if you have appreciated the espresso-based drink yourself, you may be asking yourself how it fits into third-party java and global coffee culture generally.

To answer these two questions, I talked with Christos Zamanakis, Education and Quality Manager in Dimello Coffee, and Michalis Katsiavos, 2018 Greek Barista Champion, to learn more about the past, present, and future of the popular drink.


Greece has a generally Mediterranean climate and can be shining on many days of this calendar year, or so the population enjoys brewed coffee drinks throughout the year. "Greece is the nation in which you'll be able to enjoy sunny days all through the year. Because of this, folks prefer cold drinks. Within this circumstance... java on ice hockey," Michalis clarifies.

The Freddo is thought to have been produced from the nineties and has been served along with a similar chilly, instant coffee-based drink, the Frappe. "The arrival of Freddo from the mid-90s proved to be a revolution and in a couple of decades, it outgrew [that the ] Frappe. The groundwork is similar -- substituting the second coffee with a double espresso. In a state with a highly improved coffee heritage... this is a natural result," Christos informs me.

Espresso was initially introduced into the Greek coffee arena from the 1990s, and shortly thereafter, specialty coffee shops started popping up. Because of this, consumer tastes began to change towards grade coffee beans and specialty coffee generally.

Nowadays, Freddos typically arrive in two variants : the Freddo espresso and Freddo cappuccino.


Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

Greek coffee culture has developed over time, and thus gets the Freddo. Greater quality blends and single origin coffees are currently functioning as beverage's foundation , further improving its own flavour. Since Christos clarifies,"using specialty coffee is going to end in a high quality [beverage ], as expected. Freddo is the only answer if you would like a cold beverage with all the consistency and qualities of a classic double espresso"

The Freddo could be eaten as an espresso or cappuccino. While human versions no doubt exist, a popular recipe for producing a Freddo espresso entails mixing a sexy double shot of espresso with sugar and ice in a beverage mixer, developing a touch foam. The Freddo cappuccino follows the identical procedure however is topped off with a coating of cold, textured, foamy milk. Both are served in a glassover ice.

In accordance with Michalis,"You are able to certainly spot the Greek taste in regards to Freddo[s]. Personally, I think we choose cold drinks not only on account of the climate but also due to the mix's unique attributes... Freddos have their own distinct flavour... a distinctive one."

The drink has stayed near its source concerning how it's prepared. "Freddo java [s] ha[ve] been in our lives since forever and [are] constantly modern. Because of this, there's absolutely no contemporary means to explain it. We enjoy it because it is as it has ever been," Michalis states.


Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

The best technique for making a Freddo is having a beverage mixer, as it helps produce the essential smooth feel. Christos clarifies that"[The] Freddo is a drink that is prepared just on demand. A beverage mixer would be the suitable equipment for your Freddo prep as it is quicker, easier to clean, and unlike a bean, helps cool the coffee down quickly without destroying the ice"

The quality of the espresso also has a significant part. "Everything begins with a great chance of double espresso. The way the coffee has been treated later... [will change its] perceivable organoleptic profile, however you [will continue to be able to] reevaluate [its own ] aromatic quality [and] appreciate [its own ] complete, glossy feel and pleasant aftertaste," Christos informs me.

To prepare your Freddo, add freshly brewed espresso shots and a couple of ice cubes into some mixing receptacle. Ensuring that the ideal quantity of ice is included is equally critical, as a lot of may dilute the drink, and too small will keep it from getting cold.

While sugar could be added into the espresso following extraction, this is not recommended with specialty coffee, as a tasting beverage will allow the coffee's natural qualities stick out. A bloated, very low acidity coffee will see to it that the coffee's flavour endures even after blending. Most low to moderate acidity blends are acceptable for Freddos, together with popular source coffees coming from India, Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

The Freddo cappuccino proceeds in which the Freddo espresso ceases. Cold milk (chilled into 3--5°C/37--41°F) is inserted into a mixing receptacle, and can be shaken before a smooth and glistening foam is made. Skimmed milk is generally preferred here since it creates a more lasting foam in comparison to milk.

When the milk is prepared, it is poured over the foamed espresso in order it creates a coating. It shouldn't be stirred, as the foamed milk should sit beneath the espresso coating. When ingesting the Freddo cappuccino gradually, the foamed milk will gradually become less powerful and integrate more with all the espresso, creating a fresh textural experience.

Where Can The Freddo go From Here?

Freddo espresso | A Complete Guide to The Greek Freddo

Since third wave java was introduced to Greece from the early 2000s, more folks are knowledgeable about specialty coffee, together with specialization and espresso-based beverages getting popular options. Additionally, the amount of bean importers and roasters has improved, with the majority of coffee coming from nations such as Brazil and Colombia, in addition to Kenya and Ethiopia.

Despite its business standing inside the Greek specialty industry, the Freddo has not had a powerful effect on other nations. On the other hand, the greatest coffee chains in the world have acknowledged its existence.

Starbucks introduced a variant of this Cappuccino Freddo to pick Western menus in 2018, calling it the Cold Foam Blonde Iced Cappuccino, also showing that it is motivated by Greece. Costa Coffee is a British chain of coffee stores that now has 3,882 shops in 32 nations. Additionally, it enables clients to purchase whipped milk beverages served with flavoured syrup, cold brew, or iced cappuccino.

While widespread adoption has yet to occur, Michalis considers that Freddo is going to be seen more often as signature beverages in barista championships. "We see an increasing number of signature cold drinks being served at the java stage... The majority of the time that they succeed in developing a exceptional experience [for] the clients consequently, I think Freddos have to be included from the barista competitions, under a particular category of class"

Freddos are an essential component of Greek coffee culture for both new and old customers, but their possible for the global market still has to be tapped into. The real key to raising its reach may come down to need, so the second time you've got the chance to accomplish this, be certain to ask for a Freddo espresso or Freddo cappuccino.

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