Import Regulations for Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Import Regulations for Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Import Regulations for Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Needed

  • Original Passport
  • Original Residence permit (ITAS Card) valid for 12 weeks -- Issued by Indonesia's Immigration office.
  • Original Work Permit (IMTA) legal for FULL 12 months -- Issued by Indonesia's Labor Dept.
  • Authorization Letter from Shipper (We will provide format)
  • All the above must be supplied (no exceptions) or shipment can't be customs cleared. Added port storage and demurrage charges will apply on a daily basis until all above documents are provided and in complete order.

Customs Regulations

  • Customer must be in the country (Indonesia) for clearance to start.
  • Shipment will be 100% inspected
  • Household goods must have been in client's possession and use for a minumum of one full year, and for the customer's continued private usage in Indonesia (maybe not for re-sale)
  • just 1 air and one sea shipment of household goods allowed duty-free
  • Air and Sea Shipment should arrive within three (3) months after client's date of arrival in Indonesia.

Dutiable/Restricted Things

  • Just one of every major appliance is allowed duty-free with the exclusion of air conditioners
  • New articles and items not listed on inventory
  • Material in Chinese (pictures, tapes, etc.) will demand appropriate licenses and can be subject to censorship and confiscation
  • Medicines (prescription required)
  • Antiques (may have problems re-exporting)
  • Video tapes, CD's, DVD's, laser disks and books are subject to censorship. Prepare a listing of titles and writers
  • Foodstuff (in reasonable amount)
  • Large quantities of any type of product will slow clearance and result in high duty

Prohibited Things

  • Explosives, weapons, firearms, and ammunition
  • Narcotics and medication of different kinds*
  • carbonated drinks
  • Animal skins
  • Pornographic or politically sensitive literature
  • Under no circumstances should alcohol be contained in the shipment.

*Illegal Drugs are dealt with severely in Indonesia. Sub-sections 112 and 113 of the Anti-narcotics law of 2009 carries a maximum sentence of death before a firing squad for anybody caught smuggling in drugs. Please be aware importation of an auto, bike and any type of components, spare parts, etc are strictly prohibited.

NOTE: Presence of any Dutiable/Restricted/Prohibited items in shipment will greatly delay clearance and raise charges considerably.

Charges Incurred At Port/Airport Of Destination

Port storage costs will always occur from the arrival date of this shipment until it has customs cleared.

Demurrage Charges:

  • 1 X 20FT Container
Absolutely Free of charge for initial 3 to 5 times
5 to 10 times - US$20/day
11 to 15 days - US$30/day
16 days & onwards - US$40/day
  • 1 X 40FT Container
Absolutely Free of charge for initial 3 to 5 times
5 to 10 days - US$30/day
11 to 15 times - US$40/day
16 times & onwards - US$55/day
Airport Storage Charges for Air Shipment
1st day onwards - US$0.12/Kgs/day

NOTE: This Port Storage, Demurrage and Airport Storage charges are in approximate quantity simply as they are always depending on the SS Line or Airline choice. Last charges can be lower or higher than this sum. However, this is good indication and will hopefully help.

Advice on the Importation of critters

Indonesia is a difficult country in regards to customs clearance process. Regular customs clearance requires from 6 to 7 working days for Seafreight, and 2 to 3 working days for Airfreight, supplying the documentation is in order.

The average period to obtain documentation certifying valid work and residence permits can vary from four (4) to six (6) weeks after arrival of the shipper in Indonesia using a one-year visa from the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.

It's recommended that the shipper prepare a listing of titles and writers of books/publications to permit customs the choice of cursory inspection.

It's unwise to include some dispatch boxes which are marked with any name but the shippers. This could jeopardize clearance.

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