Is coffee a diuretic? Science Just Debunked a Coffee Myth That’s Been Around Since 1928

Is coffee a diuretic?

Is coffee a diuretic? Science Just Debunked a Coffee Myth That’s Been Around Since 1928

Coffee isn't a diuretic--it will not leave you dehydrated, despite what all of your friends say. Find out why java really keeps you hydrated.

KIKOVIC/SHUTTERSTOCKCoffee is a diuretic--it causes you to go to the bathroom more often, therefore it must irritate you, right? Turns out that idea dates back to a 1928 study, and it was not exactly rigorous research. Nevertheless, the results spread like wildfire and, ever since, caffeine has been regarded as a diuretic. Currently, a recent study finds that java --and caffeine in different drinks--will not actually cause dehydration. Folks, we have been misinformed.

A diuretic is a substance that increases the body's production of pee, but extra urination does not necessarily lead to dehydration, if you don't fail to consume more fluids. Take water for example. If you drink large volumes to moisturize, you inhale more. And guess what: You are still hydrating yourself--you're not at risk of becoming dehydrated. A better way to look at diuretics is in terms of being great hydrators and not-so good ones.

That 1928 research? It included just three people, and only revealed that when these people abstained from caffeine for more than 60 days, all it took was about a half cup of coffee to increase urination. Much more recently, British investigators published a research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that compared many popular beverages to the hydrating effects of water. There findings? Yes, you can hydrate with coffee, although it had the weakest effects of all of the drinks they looked at, such as beer. (Weirdly, skim milk was one of the best.)

So sip that morning beverage with confidence--you are adding to your daily fluid intake, and that usually means you are hydrating. Better yet: Science also says a cup of coffee protects your mind from dementia. Just remember not to consume too much: Overconsumption of caffeine may cause worry and interfere with restful sleep, and that's the reason why experts suggest that you drink no more than four cups a day.

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