Legong Jobog – Balinese Tale of Subali & Sugriwa

Legong Jobog – Balinese Tale of Subali & Sugriwa

Among the dancers eventually falls to the floor.  Another one stands strong with a single foot on the atmosphere like stepping onto the back of another and lashing the rear other together with the leaves.  However, the performance does not end there.  A retaliation occurs.   Their dad sends them away for self Meditation and isolation.  Meanwhile, the bit of jewelry is considered to have dropped on the floor throughout the squabble and turned the floor into the lake which alters the kind of both Subali and Sugriwa.

Legong Jobog – Balinese Tale of Subali & Sugriwa

Pictures are obtained during a standard dance operation in Puri Saren Ubud. 

The story is all about the twin reptiles, Subali and Sugriwa, the two sons of a god.   Their struggle above their mum's magic jewel called Cupumanik Astagina had directed them to collapse to a lake that changed them into a fighter.  In this operation, you will find sessions once the gamelan performs low and also the narrator begins a kidung -- conventional tune that amuses the story.

There are a variety of sorts of legong dances, among these is your Legong Jobog.  The gap between the legong dances isn't merely the story the dancing narrates, but in addition, the patterns involved.   

The gamelan orchestra begins to play with.   Their right hand rests in their fashionable, their hands of the lap.   Initially, the legong was just completed for the king, then became something done at royal functions.

The majority of the patterns, from start to the center, reveal sophistication.  The dancers perform using a buff in their hands.   However, if the battle starts, the hand lover is substituted with a lot of leaves.  The ambiance of this point radically changes.  The pace of this gamelan gets quicker and the narrator seems intriguing -- even once you don't know the terminology, you can listen to the angry tone and also frightening laugh.  However, the fight scene asserts that initial elegance.  They hold hands, and twist around each other, their additional hands holding the leaves in the atmosphere.


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