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Nuraxi Gifts

Nuraxi Gifts- Bali News

Nuraxi is a seasonless assortment of luxury handmade products with natural substances, ancestral strategies and advanced design procedures from all over the world. Nuraxi is a meeting place for craftsmanship, quality, character, and soul curated by mepersonally, Teresa Robinson.

I had been born into an undercover mother and American father in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My entire life was a continuous travel, a list of relations, languages and varied points of view. I began my career in international community development, education and calmness and noticed that the effects of shifting economic and social structures on conventional lifestyles worldwide.

Nuraxi is caused by my adventures, my dedication and my urge to increase the need for handmade high quality all-natural products which support local markets. Nuraxi is my own personal answer and donation to a very intricate world.

NURAXI is motivated by Su Nuraxi, an XVII augmented village situated in Sardinia, a Unesco Heritage Site since 1997. This ancient trading article functioned as a very important meeting place for a number of generations. Every generation adding to the workmanship and understanding of yesteryear.

NURAXI continues that tradition, attracting clients and artisans from all over the world together. My purpose is to find and discuss these centuries-old customs where outstanding caliber is a lifestyle and also the hand is your major instrument. I would like to participate and encourage a profound link with locations, people and substances via NURAXI collections and parties.

Nuraxi is a real embrace.

Nuraxi is all about rustic elegance, my definition of organic, minimal, easy, subtle, elegant. Nuraxi is all about intimacy and sensuality, that true and profound connection with natural substances and handmade procedures.

Nuraxi is high-end known as handmade, higher quality, purity of substances, uniqueness. Nuraxi is a lifestyle that respects culture, nature, traveling, quality, attractiveness, link and dignity. Nuraxi is a declaration about living well, authentically and blatantly.

Nuraxi is for women and men that are convinced, who love quality and that are dedicated to what's applicable now. The Nuraxi client is deliberate, worldly, considerate and involved in changing the world around them.

"The least you can do in your lifetime is to determine which you expect for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, beneath its roof." --Barbara Kingsolver

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