Preparing for your Departure from Indonesia

Preparing for your Departure from Indonesia

Moving is never an easy undertaking, but with appropriate preparation (and naturally, deciding on the right moving company) , it will certainly save you from some hassles. With all these items to remember, here's a thorough checklist of what you ought to do to help your relocation. The moving business that you select will also provide you with suitable tags for sea, atmosphere, and storage things.

Preparing for your Departure from Indonesia

Before the Transfer

Inform the following concerning the dates of your death as well as the forwarding address for most invoices that are outstanding.

Just take some time to plan goodbye parties together with the numerous kinds of friends you have created during your stay in Indonesia, on your own, your partner and your kids. Realize that these friends are your service group during times of catastrophe, fun, and learning. You will be amazed how frequently the avenues of an internationally established group of expats will cross later on.

  • Back-up your own computer
  • Organize to get a pre-move questionnaire
  • Decide about the things to be sent for sea and air
  • Eliminate surplus or redundant items
  • Give away/sell crops or utilized furniture/appliances
  • Get insurance valuation list
  • Compare auto and place pick-up date
  • See your dentist to get dental records
  • See your doctor to acquire medical documents
  • Confirm all documentation required for the state of destination:

Arrange for these things:

  • International driver's permit
  • Personal injury and medical insurance
  • College records Traveller's programs
  • In the research
  • Bank documents
  • Occupational certification

  • Flight arrangements
  • Resort agreements
  • Identity card
  • Insurance Plan
  • International driving permit
  • Marriage certification
  • Medical and dental documents
  • Medication
  • Passport
  • Faculty records
  • Telephones
  • Traveller's cheques
  • Valuables/jewelry
  • Throughout the Move

Discuss customs formalities along with your moving advisor, i.e. records and processes

  • Pet tackling
  • Point from the top value things for specific handling
  • Prove the moving adviser the things moving by sea/air
  • Storage demands
  • Transit insurance
  • Give notice to stop services
  • Clean your fridge completely using a strong detergent.
  • This will lower the odds of mold & mold forming through transport.
  • Verify the following:

Orientate that the packers into the dispatch, point out the items which are most precious to you.

Be present through packaging in order to answer any queries packers might have.

Permit the packers do the packaging.

Signal & maintain a copy of the stock exchange. Request vessel info and destination representative contact info.

Place airline tickets, passports, receipts and other important documents in a secure place to prevent these things being packaged with your shipment.

After packaging, check all rooms, cabinets & terrace, etc. using the team leader to ensure all things are packed, loaded to the container.

Arrival at Destination

  • Contact the destination broker to inform them of your coming and also to finish some import habits forms/set up delivery
  • Storage or date, if needed.
  • Upon shipping in your home allow the movers revamp your cartons and remove debris.
  • On the afternoon of shipping check off every carton and guide them to the various room.
  • Ahead of the packers depart, make sure that all boxes are vacant in order to not overlook any little household pieces which might have been overlooked.
  • When there's a lack of any harm, list the items on the stock and bill of lading. File a claim whenever possible. Speak to the moving adviser. Don't be afraid to ask regarding the status of your claim.

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