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Preparing for Your Move to Indonesia

Preparing for Your Move to Indonesia

Together with the excitement of living in a brand new nation and the assurance of an enriching professional and cultural expertise encounter the mundane activities of planning the move into Indonesia.  Inadequate preparation will lead to a more stressful movement for your loved ones.  Bear in mind the last time that your family transferred in your house state?  The majority of us wind moving into a stressful occasion; moving to some other country constitutes a much harder transition.

Prepare a checklist of tasks to achieve to your own move.  The trick to a successful relocation will be sensible about what you could do your self and seeking help for jobs which may be carried out by other people.Negotiate with your company to get a familiarization trip to Indonesia for you and your partner before your closing relocation to Indonesia.  

Assessing choices for housing, education, recreation and accessibility of products, in addition to starting to learn the design of the town you'll be residing in will greatly help in your preparations.Prerequisites for list every item in your shipment may be a hassle, so it is very good to be knowledgeable about import/customs regulations.   

Ensure that your passports and visas are in order

Applying for the right visa for your stay in Indonesia will require a few weeks, or even months.

In case the passport expires and issuance of a new passport is essential, you'll need to go through a lengthy process to receive your work visa and permit re-stamped to the passport.

Your organization will generally apply for visas to your loved ones. But in the event the obligation falls upon you, it is possible to do this by calling directory assistance on your country's capital and asking for the telephone number of the Embassy. The embassy's consular department provides forms and instructions to use for your visa. Or, they can refer one to an undercover consulate general or consulate that has authority over the space where you reside. Alternatively it is possible to leave the use of the visa and work permit to some formalities agent in who will finish the whole process to get a fee.

If You're Planning to work and Reside in Indonesia:

  • Input the county on the suitable visa. If you're in Indonesia on a tourist or business visa, and submit an application for a work permit and ITAS, then you'll need to go to an Indonesian embassy in another state (by way of instance, Singapore or Australia) to ensure the visa could be stamped on your passport.
  • In case your business's intention is that you live in Indonesia, don't submit an application for a business visa because it doesn't let you operate in Indonesia. A business visa only allows you to run business like evaluate products of Indonesian businesses, engage in trade exhibitions, attend meetings and perform demonstrations of your services and products. A multiple-entry small business visa may be valid for up to 12 weeks, however you need to leave the state every four weeks.
  • Some companies won't allow their workers to send their own possessions to Indonesia with no legal ITAS and work license. Evidence of a legal ITAS must clean your loved ones shipment through customs. This may be overcome by the posting of a bond, however this isn't a simple or affordable process.
  • Be very careful regarding the use of company names. You shouldn't say on your business card which you're the General Manager of your business, in case your visa/work enable applications set your standing as Technical Advisor. This is really a serious issue and could lead to deportation if discovered from the government.

Prepare to rent or sell some of your property or belongings

Preparing for Your Move to Indonesia

Both most precious assets are likely your house and your vehicle. The choice to sell or lease is a private one and determined on many different circumstances. Aspects to consider that will influence your choice include:

  • Which are the costs related to selling your property? Consult your real estate representative for quotes of advertisements fees and sales commissions.
  • Just how long are you going to be operating in Indonesia? You might also factor in the probability of contract extensions on your choice. In the event the period away sums to over three years you might seriously think about selling your property. Even though there's always the choice of leasing your house while you're gone, you might not need to have the stress of having to take care of tenants extended distance.
  • Compare rental yields (and probably maintenance) against different kinds of investments. Additionally, factor in almost any probable appreciation of your house during the years which you're gone. Seek the help of a professional financial adviser or planner before making important financial decisions.
  • In case you choose to sell your house, plan for adequate time. Check with different realtors on the typical amount of time it's now taking to market a home like yours in your own neighborhood. Put your home on the market as you're still living inside (vacant houses often seem less appealing ). Bear in mind that prospective buyers can pay more aggressively if they're aware that you're moving abroad.

Have your automobile valued by numerous car dealers to acquire an estimated selling price or assess automobile magazines, the AAA or other resources for anticipated price ranges. You might need to look at borrowing or renting a car for the past couple of weeks before your departing for Indonesia.


Before choosing an overseas job assignment, get necessary information associated with your tax duties while residing abroad.  Consult your accountant about your taxation position for income earned Indonesia and some sources of investment earnings which you might have in your house state when you're resident in Indonesia.  

Check with your accountant regarding capital gains tax obligations if you get rental income from the main residence as you're living in Indonesia.If you would like to invest money whenever you're overseas, check to find out whether the yields have been taxable in your house state and when there are some constraints in repatriating capital back into a home country after your stay in Indonesia.

If any part of your household intending to live with you in Indonesia is getting a government pension (by way of instance, your parents), make arrangements to get their temporary stay overseas.

Organize your banking and insurance matters

Determine whether any of your nation's banks operate in Indonesia and also what services can be provided during your time overseas.

It might not be sensible to use a charge card in your house country for your own credit card purchases from Indonesia as you'll lose in exchange rate conversions out of rupiah for your home currency. Indonesia also has a rather large incidence of charge card fraud which you have to guard yourself against. Weigh these issues against the need to keep a current credit report in your home state during your stay overseas.

Leave clear instructions along with your bank on action to be taken upon the maturity of your own time deposits. You might desire to make some cash on your savings and checking accounts to be able to conveniently make payments into your house country.

You could also decide to maintain your main bank account in your house country and move a predetermined amount to some lender in Indonesia on a regular basis. Some firms in Indonesia permit foreign employees to cash checks in the home to move funds as required.

Home insurance policies for things you've offered in preparation for the transfer ought to be canceled. Make sure that land staying in your house state is adequately insured. Formally inform your insurance carrier about your death, the storage requirements of your premises and your anticipated period of absence and adjust policies accordingly.

It's not likely that medical and health insurance policies carried in your house state provides coverage in Indonesia. Learn about temporarily suspending your coverage and your rights continuing along with your health plan on returns home for brief visits and vacations in addition to upon your own permanent return. Before renewing your health insurance, then you might desire to acquire medical, dental, optical and pharmaceutical benefits you're entitled to.

Inquire with your own life insurance provider concerning the effects that your overseas posting might have in your own life, endowment or annuity policies. Learn about alternatives for premium payments as you're in Indonesia. Evaluate the options of making annual payments instead of any regular payment installments you could currently make. Figure out if your life insurance policy company has a branch in Indonesia which you are able to continue to manage.


The exceptions to this rule will be if you intend to reside at Puncak, Malang, Tembagapura or other high elevation towns where cool weather can be widespread, particularly in the rainy season.

Formal work clothes such as coats and suits may be required for formal business meetings, however, apparel is generally more comfortable for every single day. Women and men may have custom tailored business attire made for them readily.

Do not neglect to deliver your party clothes along with you since you may enjoy a very full social life inside the expatriate community from the towns. There are lots of expat community formal occasions where it's suitable to put on a tuxedo and evening apparel, in addition to many less formal celebrations and cocktail evenings, and some events which need fancy dress clothing. For your expat that loves a fantastic party they could have a very full social calendar through their posting from Indonesia. Jakarta is a superb location for getting evening wear made in a fraction of the price you'd expect to cover at home a lot of women make the most of the and expand their set of dresses.

To learn more about dressmakers and tailors. Advocated by expatriates in Indonesia, take a look at community's articles on the dwelling in Indonesia Expat Forum.

Large sized people may not readily find ready-to-wear clothes to match them. Nevertheless tailors and seamstresses can certainly create custom garments to suit any size person. Indonesia generally utilizes the European Shoe Size program, which makes up to size 38; visit that a Conversion Table for shoe sizes.

Pack clothing that's ideal for the black culture. But, small shorts and swimming clothes are suitable for sport activities in club centers.

Although you're moving into the tropics, you might require cold weather clothes for winter excursions to your home state or when you travel from Indonesia to states with colder climates through vacations and business trips. Some winter clothes is offered in Jakarta in the mill outlet shops . Coats, fleece vests, sweaters and other posts of heavy clothes can be found, though clothes in larger sizes might be more challenging to discover.

Prohibited items

Particular materials are strictly illegal in Indonesia. Make Sure that these items Aren't delivered to Indonesia in your shipment:

  • Pornographic items - Adult theme materials in print, magnetic or digital format.
  • Drugs - This covers mainly narcotics. Penalties are severe, and thus don't take risks. Bring prescriptions for large quantities of pills sent.

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