ThaiGov sneaks French tourists in to test ‘Phuket model’

ThaiGov sneaks French tourists in to test ‘Phuket model’

ThaiGov sneaks French tourists in to test ‘Phuket model’

Although the public was kept in the dark concerning their trip, the island airport manager said it was intended to examine containment protocols.  The Foreign Affairs Ministry and also COVID-19 task force have confessed the current trip took place but didn't disclose details regarding the French visitors' stay.

Phuket International Airport manager Thani Chuangchu said they had left Cambodia.  He said the guys stayed two weeks in a government-approved resort and were tracked by local health officials along with a safety group.  He didn't say if they had been permitted to depart the unspecified resort, however there weren't any reports of neighborhood transmission subsequently.

Reactions to the information were mixed, but most on both sides of the issue stated the authorities should have been clear in regards to the strategy instead of keep it confidential.Fending off criticism, Phuket Gov. Narong Woonchiew stated it had been necessary to completely test the protocols intended to permit a restricted number of long term tourists onto the staircase, where they'd remain in semi-quarantine prior to being permitted to journey ahead.  Narong said the exercise will help when it is time to execute the entire program.Set to begin in October, the strategy is facing potential delay because following an instance of national transmission was discovered Thursday following 100 days of not one discovered.

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