How to Be an Organized Artist

How to Be an Organized Artist

  • Keep your reference materials, sketches, articles, photos, etc, in one easy to find place.,
  • Make "studies," or practice sketches, to organize effectively for larger projects.,
  • Limit the supplies you leave out to the project at hand.,
  • Keep an updated list of all of the necessary supplies, and the quantities of each.,
  • Break down bigger works into more easily completed parts.

How to Be an Organized Artist

As you start planning for a project or work, you'll likely be gathering scraps of inspiration and test sketches. While everyone has a strategy, there is nothing more maddening than digging through a book or the internet to re-find the cool idea you saw three months ago. Try out:

Dedicating 1 notebook, preferably with insert folders, to each project.

Making a bookmark folder for each project on your internet browser to easily compile online inspiration.

Tacking up physical inspiration on a wall or cork board near your workspace., Very few artists simply dive right into large projects. Almost 100% of the time they instead work on related, smaller projects called "studies" to prepare for the larger work. You might practice the face of the portrait you're making, sketch our different composition ideas, or practice a vulnerable or difficult part of a sculpture. Keep these organized as a way to prepare both the skills, ideas, and supplies needed for the final project.

, At the end of the day, artists are vis...

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