How to Become an Art Investor

How to Become an Art Investor

How to Become an Art Investor

  • Start with some experience or interest in art.,
  • Understand the difference between art collectors, art investors and art speculators.,
  • Figure out what you are willing to pay for art, before going to an auction house.,
  • Pay attention to what schools of art are selling well, and which are down.,
  • Focus art investments on fine art paintings, rather than decorative art.,
  • Reach out to trusted auction houses and dealers when you are looking to buy art.,
  • Buy your investment art when you feel confident of its worth, its price and its ability to grow in value.,
  • Study how art is properly stored.,
  • Have your art investments appraised occasionally.,
  • Consider renting out your art investments.,
  • Understand that selling an art investment can take time.

 The best art investors do their research on the pieces of art that they buy, so someone with some education or interest in the art world is more likely to understand this niche market. As well as personal research, you will need to have contacts with people in the art world, such as auctioneers, gallery directors and dealers, who can give you good investment advice.;

, You may confuse these three terms, if you are not careful. Each of them has a slightly different goal in mind when looking to buy art.

Art collectors do not buy art for investment purposes. They buy it to decorate and display in their home. Because they consider them to be an important part of their home or life, most art collectors have a hard time parting with pieces of their collection. While many collectors do end up selling some pieces of art, it may be done because of necessity. Collectors often loan their works out to museums and occasionally donate them to museums upon their death.

Art investors seek to diversify their portfolio w...

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