How to Conduct a Workshop

How to Conduct a Workshop

  • Define the workshop objective.,
  • Decide who your audience is.,
  • Schedule your workshop for the morning or early afternoon.,
  • Publicize your workshop.,
  • Recruit 8-15 participants for your workshop.,
  • Prepare your participants for the workshop.,
  • Prioritize your goals for the workshop.,
  • Prepare a variety of teaching aids.,
  • Prepare paper handouts.,
  • Arrange your audio-visual materials.,
  • Organize your computer-based materials.,
  • Recruit experts, speakers, and assistants.,
  • Decide on your group activities.,
  • Leave time for breaks.,
  • Resist cramming.,
  • Secure catering.,
  • Arrive early.,
  • Set up all equipment before participants arrive.,
  • Arrange the chairs in advance.,
  • Distribute materials.,
  • Greet participants as they arrive.,
  • Introduce yourself and the workshop.,
  • Begin icebreakers.,
  • Execute your lesson plan.,
  • Be flexible.,
  • Use interactive exercises to reinforce information.,
  • Don't talk too much.,
  • Stick to your scheduled breaks.,
  • Switch up activities every 20-30 minutes.,
  • Lighten the mood.,
  • Maintain a respectful, democratic at...

How to Conduct a Workshop

 Whether you are teaching a skill, delivering information or increasing awareness, outline the goals of your workshop. What do you want your workshop participants to learn? This analysis may result in a list of specific skills you will be teaching, concrete topics you will cover, or simply a feeling you will inspire in your participants. Think carefully about what you want to accomplish and why it is important.Some examples of workshop objectives include:

Learn how to write a persuasive cover letter.

Learn how to break bad news to a patient.

Learn 5 techniques to get a reluctant student to talk in class.

Learn how to create an effective Powerpoint presentation.;

, Will the workshop participants know one another or are they strangers? Will they come in with knowledge about your topic or will they be completely unfamiliar with it? Are they choosing to attend your workshop or is it a requirement for their job training? Answers to all of these questions will affect how you organize your workshop.For example,...

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