How to Cope with a Bedridden Parent

How to Cope with a Bedridden Parent

  • Help with basic hygiene.,
  • Watch for bed sores.,
  • Look for signs of chest problems.,
  • Provide emotional support.,
  • Ask about a social worker.,
  • Request help from friends and family.,
  • Let the professionals help.,
  • Acknowledge your emotions.,
  • Ask questions.,
  • Take care of your spiritual needs.,
  • Enjoy what you can.,
  • Determine your limitations.,
  • Maintain your health.

Bedridden Parent

 A bedridden person may or may not be able to keep with their own hygiene tasks. If they can't, you or another caregiver will need to help them. Even if they can, you might need to provide them with reminders and the tools to take care of their hygiene. Bathing, dental care, nail care, hair care, and changing clothes are all tasks your parent may need help with. For bathing, you may be able to help your parent into a shower chair (using a wheelchair), where they can mostly bathe themselves with some supervision. On the other hand, they may need a sponge bath.

If your parent is completely bedridden, you'll need to bring items to them. For instance, you can bring a toothbrush, a cup with clean water, and a spitting cup over to the bed. Let the person brush their teeth or ask them to open their mouth so you can brush their teeth.

Make sure you are helping them trim their nails regularly. They will likely need help with their toenails, even if they don't need help with their fingernails. You'll also need to he...

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