How to Deal With Fainting Spells

How to Deal With Fainting Spells

  • Determine if a fainting spell is approaching.,
  • React quickly to the symptoms.,
  • Prepare yourself for losing consciousness.,
  • Take it slowly if you do faint.,
  • Identify the cause.,
  • Prevent fainting spells through hydration.,
  • Practice calming techniques.,
  • Avoid excessive drinking and illegal drugs.,
  • Find out if you have a medical condition.,
  • Provide the doctor with your history.,
  • Follow the doctor's advice.

How to Deal With Fainting Spells

 There are a number of symptoms, referred to as pre-syncope, that you may experience immediately before fainting. Most fainting spells occur when you are standing, and recognizing warning signs will help you prepare yourself if you do indeed faint. In addition, awareness can also help to prevent a fainting episode and will help you stay safe if you do faint.

Common symptoms include yawning, a sudden sweat, nausea (sickness), fast and deep breathing, confusion, lightheadedness, blurred vision or spots in front of your eyes, and ringing in your ears. ;

, The symptoms of fainting can come on very quickly and with little warning. If you experience the above symptoms it is a good idea to conduct 'antigravity' measures, which when done immediately upon feeling symptoms, can help you avoid a fainting episode.

Medical experts suggest that you lie or sit down and place your head between your knees. These positions will help restore blood flow to the brain and can prevent a fainting episode. If standing, you can...

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