How to Get Your Crush to Choose You over a Popular Kid

How to Get Your Crush to Choose You over a Popular Kid

  • Look at how the popular kid acts around your crush.,
  • Think of some qualities that you have that the popular kid doesn't have.,
  • Try being a little bit like the popular kid.,
  • Befriend them.,
  • Spend time with your crush.,
  • Text your crush.,
  • When you're ready, ask them out.

 Do they seem to like your crush? Have you caught them looking at your crush often (even briefly)? How often have you seen the popular guy or girl talking to your crush? If they seem to like your crush, then you will have to work even harder, especially if your crush seems to be liking the popular kid back.;

, Are you shy but they're outgoing? You may see shyness as a disability, but shyness can have a cuteness to it that an outgoing personality just doesn't have. Embrace and bring out the cuter part of your shyness by blushing and doing other cute things that shy girls/boys usually do naturally. If it's vice versa, then be bold, strike up conversation and don't be afraid to lightly tease the guy/girl you like. Are you usually rebellious but the popular kid is usually more mild? Let the rebel in you show as rebel girls/guys can be hot and fun. Show them your wild side (appropriately mind you) by not being afraid to dance and have fun at parties and ignoring the popular kids if they try to insult you or, ev...

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