How to Litter Train Guinea Pigs

 How to Litter Train Guinea Pigs

  • Observe where your guinea pig tends to eliminate.,
  • Set up a litter box.,
  • Choose a quality litter.,
  • Place multiple litter boxes in the cage, if necessary.,
  • See if your guinea pig approaches the litter box on its own.,
  • Try encouraging litter box use with hay.,
  • Change the litter regularly.,
  • Do not use clumping cat litter.,
  • Avoid scolding your guinea pig.,
  • Accept your guinea pig may not always use its litter box.

 The first step to litter training is watching your guinea pig. Most guinea pigs have a certain area of their cage where they eliminate. If you set up a guinea pig's litter box in this space, it's more likely to use the box.Watch your guinea pig for a few days. Take note of where it tends to eliminate.

You can also pay attention when you're cleaning the cage. You may notice a lot of droppings and urine in one area of the cage.;

, You can buy a litter box online or make one yourself. Make sure the litter box is easy for your guinea pig to get in and out of. Place it in the corner of the cage where your guinea pig usually eliminates.Make sure the box you choose is large enough that the guinea pig can fit its entire body in the box.

Make sure the sides are low enough. The guinea pig should be able to climb in and out of the box with ease.

, Go for organic paper-based litters. Wood litters can sometimes cause respiratory problems. You can find guinea pig litter online or purchase some at a local pet store.If ...

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