How to Make Money to Board Your Horse as a Teen or Kid

  •  Horse-sit.,
  • Hire yourself out as a groomer.,
  • Talk with the barn manager/owner to see if you can exchange chores for a break in your horse's board.,
  • Mow lawns, rake leaves, pull weeds, etc.,
  • Talk with your parents about exchanging chores for an allowance that would go toward your horse's boarding fee - cleaning, cooking, dishes, laundry, etc.
  • Babysit.,
  • School horses!,
  • If you are an experienced rider, ask the owner or your trainer if you could start coaching for a break in the board.,
  • Make and sell something your good at such as bracelets or cards.
  • ,Offer to feed or blanket people's horses at night charge a small fee and hang flyers up around the barn
  • ,Sell old tack or clothes that you don't fit into any more
  • Offer to muck stalls and feed/water horses at your stable.

 Every boarding barn has people who go on vacation, or people who'd love to take a break from mucking stalls every day. Or even just riding all the time. Set up a rate schedule, depending on how much care you are willing to do. Not only will you get a little bit of income, but you'll learn a lot about horse-ownership along the way.;
, Offer to pull manes, braid, polish hooves, etc. If you're boarding your horse in a show barn, you can probably find customers fairly easily. Braiding, especially, can be very profitable. In the higher up levels, it’s not uncommon for people to pay up to 60 dollars for a well braided mane.

, Offer to haul hay, repair fence lines, organize the feed room, etc.

, in your neighborhood.

,, There are so many parents who are looking for a good babysitter to come and take care of their young ones after school. People can pay big money for a good babysitter! You can also set a price per child for each hour! Just make it reasonable, otherwise you will never get a good job! (Example...

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