How to Potty Train a Guinea Pig

 How to Potty Train a Guinea Pig

  • Observe your guinea pig.,
  • Buy a litter tray.,
  • Prepare the litter tray.,
  • Watch her behavior.,
  • Keep up the litter tray.,
  • Be patient.,
  • Start small.,
  • Lay out her litter tray.,
  • Cover up the remaining corners.,
  • Expand the area.

 Before you put a litter box in your guinea pig's cage, you need to watch her to see where she normally goes to the bathroom. Guinea pigs like to scent mark their territory, so your guinea pig will likely scope out a corner of her cage to pee and poop in regularly.

Although there is one corner where she will go most often, this does not mean she will always go in this corner. Just pick the place she frequents the most.;
, Once you have figured out the best location for your guinea pig's litter box, you need to buy a tray that will fit nicely in that corner. Pick one that is the right size for the cage as well as one that will be comfortable for your guinea pig. You don't want it to be too small because then she won't have enough room to sit and go to the potty.

You can buy small litter trays at your local pet store that are for small rodents.
You also need to put in brand new bedding. Otherwise, she will smell her old pee and might want to go there., The litter tray needs to be filled with the same kin...

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