How to Repel Monkeys from Residential Areas

How to Repel Monkeys from Residential Areas

  • Use fully secured bins.,
  • Don't feed monkeys.,
  • Pick the fruit from your trees.,
  • Monkey-proof all the houses.,
  • Avoid the use of plastic bags.,
  • Spread the word.

 It is most likely that monkeys will be attracted to residential areas if they think they can access food easily. Before you think about installing any alarms or security devices to repel moneys you should make sure you are not encouraging them to enter your neighbourhood. The first thing to do is check that there are no open or inadequately secured bins which monkeys can gain easy access to.Use monkey-proof bins which can be properly secured and will not attract monkeys.

You can secure bin lids with an elastic strap or bungee cord.Tie all refuse bags with a double-knot and make sure that no food waste is left lying around, or spilling out of the bins.

Having easily accessible food in rubbish areas will encourage monkeys to move further into residential areas and even enter houses.;

, As well as ensuring that food waste and rubbish areas are closed off and monkey-proofed, it is essential that you and your neighbours do not feed monkeys in the area. If the monkeys get fed they will come back looking for mor...

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