How to Take Care of a Monkey

How to Take Care of a Monkey

  • Research monkey species.,
  • Be ready for a huge commitment.,
  • Find out if it's legal to own a monkey in your state.,
  • Find a dealer or breeder with an excellent reputation.,
  • Find an exotic animals veterinarian nearby.,
  • Build or buy a monkey cage.,
  • Monkey-proof your house.,
  • Keep the monkey's space clean.,
  • Provide clean water bottles every day.,
  • Feed him monkey biscuits, fruits and vegetables.,
  • Give the monkey plenty of toys and stimulation.,
  • Play with the monkey every day.,
  • Never punish a monkey.,
  • Do not let the monkey play with strangers.,
  • Have fun communicating with your monkey.

 Monkeys are in the order of primates, which is divided into families of New World primates (smaller, tree-dwelling monkeys from South America) and families of Old World primates (larger, ground and tree-dwelling monkeys from Asia and Africa). Each type of monkey has unique characteristics that affect how they fare as pets. Before you decide which type to get, conduct a lot of research on its characteristics. Read books, talk to owners, and get to know as many monkeys as you can in person.

Squirrel monkeys, capuchins, spiders, and macaques are all types of monkeys people keep as pets. Some are more social, while others can be on the nervous side. These monkeys all have the same general care requirements, though larger monkeys will need more space than the smaller ones.

Apes, such a chimpanzees, gibbons and orangutans are not monkeys and should not be kept as pets. They are much stronger than humans and can become quite dangerous in a domestic situation.;

, Bringing a monkey into your home is almost as bi...

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