How to Train a Parrot

How to Train a Parrot

  • Create a proper training environment.,
  • Be prepared.,
  • Start early, train often, but don’t push too hard.,
  • Have it eating out of your hand.,
  • Shape the desired behaviors.,
  • Get your clicks.,
  • Stay on target.,
  • Employ the “step up” as an early training step.,
  • Test the most basic method.,
  • Use an alternate treat-based step-up.,
  • Move on to the target-training step-up.,
  • Don’t presume your parrot will (or won’t) talk.,
  • Watch your mouth.,
  • Start young and stay calm.,
  • Repeat, and repeat again.

 Think about how you would want to teach a small child. If they feel safe, calm, comfortable, and alert, they are more likely to take instruction effectively. The same is true for your parrot.

Find a quiet space where you and your avian student can focus on the task at hand. Choose somewhere familiar to the bird so it will already have a level of comfort before training starts.Don’t try to train when the parrot is overly agitated. Wait for a calmer moment. However, training with treats works best when the bird is hungry, so training before mealtime is usually the best scenario.;

, While parrots are often quite friendly and caring, they are not in general known for being overly patient. Delays and mistakes during training sessions may not go over well, so preparation beforehand is important.

Gather up the supplies you will need for they type of training you will be conducting. These might include items like a hand-held perch, a towel, a clicker (if “clicker training”), a chopstick or drumstick (if...

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